Apple Has Lost Its Innovation Polish

Riffing About Tim Cook and Apple’s New Old Mac Mini By Terry Bailey Nov 4, 2018 When former Pepsi CEO John Scully was running Apple in the Nineties, I gave an interview to MacWeek, and […]

Brilliant Scientist, Technologist, Businessperson != Brilliant Anything Else, Part 1

Just because someone is a brilliant scientist, it does not necessarily follow that he/she is a brilliant anything-else.

P.S. re: my last post about rock

I discovered that my rock animation was too big (used too much memory) to run on my Android phone. So, I had to spend today reducing the size of it (see animation below in last […]

Have we side-tracked from the goal of everyman/woman computing?

Note: I have never done this before, but this is a shared post with my as it covers information apropos of both blogs. I have edited it a bit for this blog. Studio back […]

Part 5: . . . and the Flash, iPad and mobile device saga continues: 1 step forward, 2 steps back

In her Insider Comment column in WEB Designer, Issue 173, Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis states: “Long, Long Ago (in web years that is) we built our code to work in the browser that was currently the […]

Part 4: . . . and the Flash, iPad and mobile device saga continues

The WEB is Dead Wired article I mentioned in my prior post reminds readers of the distinction between the Internet and the WEB. An important distinction as we try to grasp our new media roles […]

Part 3. . . and the Flash, iPad and mobile device saga continues

Authors who want to turn their books into basic text (and a couple of pictures) ePub eBook or iBook, electronic device deliverable formats don’t need to be concerned about all the browser and device content […]

Part 2: The iPAD iPhone Flash Adobe Apple Controversy – this new media author’s take: A Dangerous Retro Blacktop Paved Hole

Steve Jobs is claiming his iPhone and iPad to be the latest in tech, while intimating that Adobe’s interactive content creator, Flash, is something from the past to be discarded by any hip tech person. […]