All Hands on Deck Thoughts Evoked On Hearing A Science Star – Freeman Dyson – In Pasadena the Other Night

Yes, it was one of those science fan nights for me at Pasadena’s Caltech Beckman Auditorium last week. I’ve read most of Freeman Dyson’s books and for years have admired his sensible approach to science […]

Brilliant Scientist, Technologist, Businessperson != Brilliant Anything Else, Part 1

Just because someone is a brilliant scientist, it does not necessarily follow that he/she is a brilliant anything-else.

“Do You Fold?” – Episode One of My Afternoon at The Institute for Figuring in L.A. with Physicist Margaret Wertheim and Other New Acquaintances

And I was suddenly imagining all the deeply intricate origami folding I had once heard some scientist talk about – who remembers when – but he was referring to the fact that they had discovered if you wanted to make something so small that you could pack it up to fly into deep space in a very small spaceship, and then unfold itself when its time came, like when it landed on Mars or an asteroid or something.

Writing Out Loud About The Search for Life in Space Exploration

Or, A Little Mars &  Origins of Life History Before Tackling Today’s Space Exploration Debates, Part II One of the exciting things about blogs is the fact that we can update them with new information, […]

More Mind Watching and “The Self” – (continued from the previous post)

  Writer Virginia Woolf watched her own mind. She had plenty of time to do so as she was sent to bed by doctors who, in the 19th century, prescribed the reverse cure to depression […]

Pasadena Thai Lunch with Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

What better way to start my new media book riffing than with a Thai outdoor lunch in Pasadena  and Jonathan Safran Foer’s wonderful book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – a book that stands on […]