Maybe A Rose by Any Other Name . . . but Art Now Has to be Called by Scientific Terms to Regain Respect

I’m currently helping the cities of Glendale and Burbank to write a grant that will establish training in WEB and mobile technologies for entertainment studio workers who are being laid off, and for others who […]

Why Arts Education is Critical for Every Human Being on the Planet, Part 1

Hi, I’m back and summer 2013 is a memory. I seem to always regret that I did not eat enough tomatoes and nectarines when the end of September rolls around! I left you hanging at […]

The “Folders” – Episode Two of My Afternoon at The Institute for Figuring with Margaret Wertheim and Other New Acquaintances

On first meeting, Margaret Wertheim impresses me as one who could keep a noncommittal face when confronted with surprising news – a demeanor useful to a poker player. Unlike can’t-keep-any-emotion-off-her-face me, who would make a […]