Apple Has Lost Its Innovation Polish

Riffing About Tim Cook and Apple’s New Old Mac Mini By Terry Bailey Nov 4, 2018 When former Pepsi CEO John Scully was running Apple in the Nineties, I gave an interview to MacWeek, and […]

Apples “New” Macs Not Much Help for Creative Developers Who Have Been Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

October 27, 2016 - New Mac Laptops with Function Strip

  I was super disappointed in this “new” #Apple Mac laptop announced October 27. We have all been waiting for new Minis and desktop computers for several years now, and Tim Cook and company gave […]

Self Driving Cars: the Emperor’s New Clothes Tale of Early 21st Century?

Yes, I am going out on a limb here. And if my words find any traction beyond my little corner of the Internet, surely there will be many people coming down hard on me. For […]

Have we side-tracked from the goal of everyman/woman computing?

Note: I have never done this before, but this is a shared post with my as it covers information apropos of both blogs. I have edited it a bit for this blog. Studio back […]

Part 1: The iPAD iPhone Flash Adobe Apple Controversy – this new media author’s take: A Dangerous Retro Blacktop Paved Hole

Silly me. I had it all wrong. Since the early 1980s, Steve Jobs and Apple have sold their wares under the moniker of “User Friendly,” and I thought they were referring to the fact that […]