I’m Back

Light 2.0 on iPad - beta testing
Light 2.0 on iPad – beta testing

Hi. Sorry for the long absence. I should have left a note . . . . Been super busy with writing my interactive multimedia iBook series, Light 2.0, and dealing with all the tasks of setting up a publishing business. I am blogging about that process on Facebook currently at https://www.facebook.com/Light2Point0 .

I will begin blogging here again but in shorter posts because this blog is important to me, too, and especially now that I am consulting with the cities of Glendale and Burbank, CA about how to get unemployed people trained for tech jobs and how to work with companies to help with upgrading their employees skills rather than laying them off or continuing to bring in foreign workers under H1 visas.

And, of course, I continue to read and thing about science, technology and the arts and have much to share in this arena. So, back with some thoughts soon.

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