I curate a digital art show: Digital Eclectic

Sometimes one life lived by a multimedia/new media artist, me, casts a shadow over another of her lives. I don’t refer to a dark, negative cast. More like a temporary solar eclipse. In this case, […]

Some Personal Philosophy – and Why You Will Not Read About Any Unsuccessful Books in this Blog

[/kml_flashembed] I read lots of books. Some of them I don’t mention here. Since one of the topics I have studied and taught is branding and cognitive theory, I know that even a negative review […]

Part 5: . . . and the Flash, iPad and mobile device saga continues: 1 step forward, 2 steps back

In her Insider Comment column in WEB Designer, Issue 173, Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis states: “Long, Long Ago (in web years that is) we built our code to work in the browser that was currently the […]

Part 2: The iPAD iPhone Flash Adobe Apple Controversy – this new media author’s take: A Dangerous Retro Blacktop Paved Hole

Steve Jobs is claiming his iPhone and iPad to be the latest in tech, while intimating that Adobe’s interactive content creator, Flash, is something from the past to be discarded by any hip tech person. […]