More Mind Watching and “The Self” – (continued from the previous post)

  Writer Virginia Woolf watched her own mind. She had plenty of time to do so as she was sent to bed by doctors who, in the 19th century, prescribed the reverse cure to depression […]

Listening to my unconscious: a riff inspired by authors R. Kurzban and J. Lehrer and V. Woolf

In the previous post I gave an example of listening to my unconscious – or what I might call my “key tracking mind app” in that particular case, if I am to draw upon Robert […]

A night of Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Bossa Nova and my Red Dress song

If my Other Mother, Esther, had not passed away two days before this concert, I would have recorded some of it for you. As it was, it was the best I could do to give […]

Art Life Continues to Eclipse Book Riffing – for another week or so

  I have so many stories to continue now! I will post more images of my Digital Eclectic art show, which runs through June 17 and had its reception last week. I will get back […]

Okay. Walt Whitman and Neuroscience.

“The moral of this book is that we are made of art and science . . . .any description of the brain requires both cultures, art and science.” (Jonah Lehrer, Proust Was a Neuroscientist, X) […]

P.S. re: my last post about rock

I discovered that my rock animation was too big (used too much memory) to run on my Android phone. So, I had to spend today reducing the size of it (see animation below in last […]

Some Personal Philosophy – and Why You Will Not Read About Any Unsuccessful Books in this Blog

[/kml_flashembed] I read lots of books. Some of them I don’t mention here. Since one of the topics I have studied and taught is branding and cognitive theory, I know that even a negative review […]

Truth – According to Artists and Scientists, Part 1

(I continue my riffing on Proust was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer. You will need a Flash enabled WEB browser or mobile device to see the animation below) targetclass=”flashmovie”] [/kml_flashembed] If something can’t be quantified […]

New book, but I am still obsessing about the brain, neuroscience and creativity

You know, Einstein didn’t “discover” all his theories through laboratory experimentation. He thought. He used his imagination (what would I see if I rode a light beam?) to conjure them. Didn’t Newton sit under an […]