On the subject of “new” writers and wordiness: what author Annie Dillard Had to Say

Here is a riff I wrote in graduate school a few years ago – about author Annie Dillard‘s first book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. In an afterward to the version of the book I read, […]

On being a new (youthful) artist, composer, musician or writer

I’ve just re-read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated, and what came to mind this time was a reflection on what it is to be a young artist. I think it was author John Updike […]

Part III: Two-Bit Words, Academics v Guerrilla Artists and Digitally Influenced Print Books

For my next look at academic writing contrasted with “two-bit” vocabulary of writers of nonfiction, I explored the text of Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary by new media theorist N. Katherine Hayles. This […]

Pasadena Thai Lunch with Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

What better way to start my new media book riffing than with a Thai outdoor lunch in Pasadena  and Jonathan Safran Foer’s wonderful book, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – a book that stands on […]