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A night of Latin Jazz, Flamenco, Bossa Nova and my Red Dress song

Terry plays with Goh, Hugo and Barry at Fireside Concert Series in Newbury Park, June 2011

If my Other Mother, Esther, had not passed away two days before this concert, I would have recorded some of it for you. As it was, it was the best I could do to give a good performance. (I will post some music at a later date.) It helped that I had three awesome musicians playing with me: Goh Kurosawa on guitar, Hugo Aguayo on bass and a solo flamenco guitar and Barry Kohan on drums – and an enthusiastic full house of music lovers in the audience. I dedicated the night to Esther, and know that she will inspire the music and writing in me for the rest of my days. Rest in peace, dear dear amazing woman.

I have the next post of Proust Was a Neuroscientist ready to go and will post later today or tomorrow. I’ll also have a reading travel story for you soon and am starting Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite if you want to follow along. Oh! and I just finished a Freeman Dyson book and will be riffing about reading science present as science history, which makes for a very interesting and reflective past-time.

And did I mention that I also did a Patsy Cline song? Heartaches. I may sing mostly Latin right now, but old Patsy records are what taught me to sing, so I like to honor her. Some in the band thought it was strange for me to mix country diva Patsy Cline music with Spanish songs, Latin pop and bossa nova. But it went over great. And the guys were hesitant to sing the back up riffs I convinced them to try, but I think they were an audience favorite with their “Heartaches! da da dats”


P.S. re: my last post about rock

I discovered that my rock animation was too big (used too much memory) to run on my Android phone. So, I had to spend today reducing the size of it (see animation below in last post) so anyone with a Flash enabled phone, tablet or browser can see it.

But it is actually BIGGER than previously, you might be saying. Well, yes. I did reduce the file size, and that took some time because I had to reduce the size of all the images in it first. Then I decided to run it here at full image size. Previously I was sizing the image down to run in this blog, and I figured it was probably taking way more memory to size it down on the fly, so I am running it at full image size now, which is actually about half the image size that I originally created it, and about 20% less file size. Does that make sense? . . .

I have to go to a party now. I mean, I am looking forward to seeing some of my writer friends. Don’t get me wrong. But I am reading a quantum mechanics theory history book, and I’m at an exciting part where we are trying to figure out how two electrons can inhabit the same orbit (frequency), and I must admit, I would kind of rather read that and post my next post about Walt Whitman and Proust was a Neuroscientist (which I promised you last week), and practice for an important concert I am doing in June. But I think I better go to the party. My writer friends don’t get together all that often.

They are beginning to think that I am kind of anti-social since I don’t hang out with them all that much, and I miss a lot of things, which I guess I kind of am (anti-social that is) when I am in the middle of thinking about really interesting things like electron orbits and wave-particle duality. And when I want to post an essay I just finished and want to practice some new Patsy Cline songs so that I can keep up with the musicians who have agreed to play with me (I am going to do a set entangling Patsy Cline and Bossa Nova – won’t that be cool?)

So, I will post the next essay next week-end. And I hope everyone (who is not using Steve Job’s Flash – less devices, that is) can see the rock animation now.