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Have we side-tracked from the goal of everyman/woman computing?

Note: I have never done this before, but this is a shared post with my amybeachandme.com/blog as it covers information apropos of both blogs. I have edited it a bit for this blog.

Studio back together – ready to start creating again!

One of the down sides of working with art and technology is that technology has to be tended to a lot, and it is not all that fun. There are days when I just want to create my riffing blog, my Amy Beach book, compose music, make some digital art or a new media piece, but I can’t create because I have to tend to technology.

I am always grateful that I can take care of my own technology – that our digital world has evolved to the point that I can create independently in a technological world – but the technology itself is still an inhibiting feature of creativity. And I do have concern that current software and hardware creators are not keeping their eye on the goal of making technology easier over time, not more difficult.

That sometimes feels like the Lost Goal lately.

Let me give an example. I recently purchased a new computer. Way more powerful, lots of great features, but, as with every computer up-grade, there was a great deal of time consuming technical work involved before I could get back to creating. I had to transfer all my software, connect all my hardware peripherals, deal with items that were incompatible with the new system, on an on.

I discovered last week that my sound hardware was not talking to my music/sound software. I wasted a whole precious creative day in an attempt to fix this problem. Continue reading Have we side-tracked from the goal of everyman/woman computing?


My Electronic Book, Amy Beach and Me, Launches!

Home Page of Amy Beach and Me by Terry Bailey
Home Page of Amy Beach and Me by Terry Bailey

I have launched my new web-based electronic book, Amy Beach and Me, at amybeachandme.com. I hope you will check it out and leave your thoughts at its accompanying blog (amybeachandme.com/blog – see button top right of the book, too). The book is a biography of the first noted woman composer in the United States, and a memoir.

My plan here is to talk about electronic literature for  a while now, and to take a look at some books on the subject. Not to worry, I will get back to other books I have mentioned recently (like Foer’s Eating Animals), but think it might be of interest to all of us to explore the future of literature in terms of electronic writing here at riffing on books – since that is what I do! For the duration of my MFA writing studies, I not only wrote electronic literature, new media, but did extensive study on the topic as well, and I look forward to sharing that information here at my riffing on books site.