Part III: Two-Bit Words, Academics v Guerrilla Artists and Digitally Influenced Print Books

For my next look at academic writing contrasted with “two-bit” vocabulary of writers of nonfiction, I explored the text of Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary by new media theorist N. Katherine Hayles. This […]

Part II: Hocketing and Translating Academic Writing to Accessible English

above:  an example of a modern version of hocketing in an excerpt from Meredith Monk’s “Hocket” from “Facing North” (1990), performed by Emily Eagen and Peter Sciscioli, members of The M6, at Symphony Space in […]

Part I: Chabon’s Maps and Legends and Hayle’s Electronic Literature meet Two-Bit Words and Pygmy Musicians

During an online reading conference, for which I was the discussion leader (have I mentioned that I am about to complete an MFA in new media writing from Antioch University? – more on that later), […]

Riffing on memoir Julie and Julia – in light of other popular memoirs

Julie & Julia made for a great reading break. It is not high literature, but it is one of those entertaining personal journey memoirs that still can inspire and reward a “serious” reader with a […]

Some thoughts about my previous new media riff post on The Next American Essay – and the democratization of writing

How about if we all were required to create something after we read a book?! The interactive multimedia (Flash) animation I posted below is an experiment and a work in progress. I hope you will […]

Riffing on John D’Agata’s The Next American Essay

New Media Riff On Next American Essay This interactive new media file is too big for me to post here on the main blog page. Go ahead and click on the animation text title above, […]