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Pasadena resident Terry Bailey is a Pioneering New Media Designer-Performer-Producer-Creative Director-Studio Manager-Artist-Musician-Coder-Journalist, Technologist & Interactive Multimedia Author. She views herself as a hybrid Luddite and technophile, with an artistic sensibility. Currently Bailey consults on a variety of technology subjects, including Cybersecurity, Automation and The Internet of Things, to the Cities of Glendale and Burbank, and to local school districts. And she is preparing to publish a multimedia iBook series, Light 2.0, based on her hit podcast novel, Light 1.0  -   Website: www.mediabench.com

Riffing on Books is a new media blog devoted to the aesthetics, history and philosophy of the Arts and Sciences (including Technology).

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  1. thank you. I do not review unsolicited books. Terry

  2. thank you. I do not review unsolicited books here. Terry

  3. Thank you. Terry

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