Encouraging Support of Arts in U.S.

Bailey September 2016 Digital Painting
September 2016, Bailey

When I wrote a WEB book about composer Amy Beach for my MFA, I learned that symphony halls were established in order to give the PUBLIC access to great music. Today most in the public in US cannot afford to go to a symphony hall! In France a musician who can show that she/he has a certain number of performances per year is subsidized by the government – because the French understand that they need music and that musicians must have time to practice and compose and rehearse, and need a lot of money to keep up with their craft (reeds, guitar strings, computer equipment, stage sound equipment, on and on). The amount given to the arts in other countries makes the US look like a Fourth World poverty nation. When we talk about the need for a revolution in this country, we are talking about rethinking who we are from top to bottom, A to Z, and we can start with the Arts!

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