New Tech Impedes My Progress!

Well, WordPress has given itself a huge up-grade – called Gutenberg. And it has met with much controversy, I find. And, yeah, for geeky tech people sometimes new tech can just be a pain like it is for everyone else! Suddenly the theme I had been using no longer works and the only one I could use that kept my pictures and blogroll, etc. was the ugly olive green thing with blue type. Yikes! I can’t edit old posts, or add the “more” to shorten old posts, etc. I now have installed a new theme that shows all my pictures and animations at least, and I’ll have to calendar a bunch of time to customize this new theme, and get my blogroll back, etc. A little research taught me that users are so unhappy with this that they have actually written plug-ins to disable the new interface – and over a million people have downloaded it! See you all around the next tech learning curve corner! I’ll return with some cool plant-based energy makers, and news of the workshops students at Glendale College asked me to create for them.

About the author

Terry Bailey is a new media author, musician and digital fine artist. Her first new media novel is a podcast, Light 1.0, available on iTunes (being published serial style). It has been a hit since it first launched in 2005, still receiving more than 6000 downloads per month. Terry is currently working on a second interactive multimedia biography and memoir, and an iBook version of Light 1.0. Terry's digital fine art has been exhibited internationally since she began painting in the computer in 1989.

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