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On De-Celebrating Black Hat Hackers and Celebrating Graffiti Artists

art by Lady Pink

art by Lady Pink


Hi all - my blog is back up and carefully backed up so if any more infamous black hat hackers try to take it down, getting it back up won't be such an issue.

On the temp blog I set-up while I regathered my three years of this riffingonbooks blog, I posted:

"Hello. If you are looking at this you are seeing me in the process of reloading my blog site.

I was hacked. By a well know cyber crime group. But I won’t mention their name as I will not give them any more publicity than they deserve – which is none.

They left their “signature” on my site. It was boring. And lazy. Like 12 point Arial type.

I have taught some of the best graffiti artists in Los Angeles. Now THEY know how to make signatures!

What I taught them was to make productive use of their art skills and brains. So now they make movies and art and websites, and earn livings doing it – as well as have personally fulfilling lives with their art both in jobs and on their own time.

I wish that cybercriminals who do things like take down websites could learn to do something useful, something that would move the world forward in a positive direction with the brains I know they have – as evidenced by their ability to take down a website."


This entry was posted in Riffing On Life on June 25, 2013."

I'd love to post some of my students' (from the past, of course) graffiti art, but since I don't have any on hand, I did a little research and found the "signature art" of one of the few known women grafitti artists, Lady Pink.

Above is one of her images. Beautiful. She is a legend who made a name for herself in the 1980s as one of the only females capable of competing with men in the graffiti subculture. You can see more of her work at:  http://www.pinksmith.com. (or just click the pix) She was born in Ecuador but apparently lives in New York now.

I was remembering just now one of my tagging artist students, M-. I had okayed for her to use her tagging skills on a poster project in class. But the day we were to all work on it, she, unusually, was very late. Turned out she had been stopped by the Metro Police for carrying paint spray cans in her backpack! He made her dispose of them, so we had to improvise our art tools that day.

Another of my tagging / graffiti artist students was not sure what to do with his art skills when he started college. I had him in an animation class, and it occurred to me that he would be really good with type and animating it! He was. But one day he came to class with a video he had shot and edited. I was blown away. He had no background in video, it was just his intuitive genius and over the top excellent art skills that had been behind him producing a film the caliber of a film student graduate. (I know a little about the skills needed to produce an excellent film as I obtained a film degree before moving over to computer new media). Later R- switched from WEB and Interactive Media (the department I ran and taught in) to filmmaking with my blessing. He was a born film artist.

It's great to be back. I'll return to our science and art discussions soon.


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