Backtracking – a check-in from blog author Terry Bailey

For the last couple of months I’ve been doing a lot of music playing, concert going, technology and politics magazine reading, Caltech lecture attending and science and art book reading.

Oh, and did I mention spending countless hours learning how to transpose my web-based prototype book, Amy Beach and Me, to iBook format for the iBook store, with a several week time out to convert it to PDF/ePub format so that I could fulfill the literature entry requirements for a MacDowell Colony residency?

Meanwhile my job at a Los Angeles art college, managing the web and interactive media department and teaching, continued full swing.

When I hear grown-ups say they are bored with life, I sometimes wish I could outsource some of mine to them!

Well, here I am back at Riffing, and I have decided I will quit ever saying “I’ll be back next week,” or back at any particular time. And I will quit saying what I am going to write about next. Because I don’t want to break promises! Continue reading Backtracking – a check-in from blog author Terry Bailey