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Veering off the Modular Mind and the Self for a Bit

I am going to leave the self and neuroscience and the mind for a bit. But I will return to it soon. I have finished the Kurzban book, Why Everyone (else) is a Hypocrite, and have had a pretty strong reaction to it. Although I find his hypothesis about the modularity of the mind fascinating, I have concerns about some science that preceded his ideas that is not referenced in his book, and further concerns about his application of his ideas to the world and human behavior.

While I am passionate about science, I persist in returning to some familiar themes surrounding my thoughts about it: that over-specialization of scientists is inhibiting many from finding the "truth" due to their limited views; that the disembodiment of science from experience by some scientists is wreaking havoc on their ability to find a reality that is either true or useful; that the unchecked belief in scientists simply because they are scientists and/or have prestigious credentials has always been, and continues to be a danger; that the severing of art and science has left our ability to further (or comprehend) some aspects of science (and reality) stranded.

Most all of these themes will be touched upon as I examine Kurzban's recent book further. And this will take time to put down on paper. Meanwhile I read other books and have other thoughts, so I will share some of them over the next weeks and return to Kurzban, the modular mind and the self when I have those thoughts organized and prepared to publish.

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