Art Life Continues to Eclipse Book Riffing – for another week or so

Terry Bailey and Goh Kurosawa will perform June 10 2011 at Fireside Concert Series in Newbury Park, CA


I have so many stories to continue now! I will post more images of my Digital Eclectic art show, which runs through June 17 and had its reception last week. I will get back to riffing on Proust Was A Neruoscientist, too. And on to the new books I am reading – by Freeman Dyson and I’ve started Cutting For Stone as well as reading more books on Learner-Centered teaching (of which I am a big proponent). In the meantime, I am doing some new music work. Performing with Goh Kurosawa and a few other friends at the Fireside Concert Series in Newbury Park on June 10, and, you understand – I need to spend some time practicing!

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