P.S. re: my last post about rock

I discovered that my rock animation was too big (used too much memory) to run on my Android phone. So, I had to spend today reducing the size of it (see animation below in last post) so anyone with a Flash enabled phone, tablet or browser can see it.

But it is actually BIGGER than previously, you might be saying. Well, yes. I did reduce the file size, and that took some time because I had to reduce the size of all the images in it first. Then I decided to run it here at full image size. Previously I was sizing the image down to run in this blog, and I figured it was probably taking way more memory to size it down on the fly, so I am running it at full image size now, which is actually about half the image size that I originally created it, and about 20% less file size. Does that make sense? . . .

I have to go to a party now. I mean, I am looking forward to seeing some of my writer friends. Don’t get me wrong. But I am reading a quantum mechanics theory history book, and I’m at an exciting part where we are trying to figure out how two electrons can inhabit the same orbit (frequency), and I must admit, I would kind of rather read that and post my next post about Walt Whitman and Proust was a Neuroscientist (which I promised you last week), and practice for an important concert I am doing in June. But I think I better go to the party. My writer friends don’t get together all that often.

They are beginning to think that I am kind of anti-social since I don’t hang out with them all that much, and I miss a lot of things, which I guess I kind of am (anti-social that is) when I am in the middle of thinking about really interesting things like electron orbits and wave-particle duality. And when I want to post an essay I just finished and want to practice some new Patsy Cline songs so that I can keep up with the musicians who have agreed to play with me (I am going to do a set entangling Patsy Cline and Bossa Nova – won’t that be cool?)

So, I will post the next essay next week-end. And I hope everyone (who is not using Steve Job’s Flash – less devices, that is) can see the rock animation now.


Reductionist Theory and Truth

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This (Flash) animation is the annotation for the essay I will post next, riffing on Proust Was a Neuroscientist. See you with that next week!

I humbly thank all my readers in the world for helping to make this blog #22 out of 600+ literary blogs on blogger.com last week. I had no idea. I am just having fun writing out loud. – Terry