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Some Personal Philosophy – and Why You Will Not Read About Any Unsuccessful Books in this Blog

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I read lots of books. Some of them I don’t mention here. Since one of the topics I have studied and taught is branding and cognitive theory, I know that even a negative review of something will bring attention to it and arouse the curiosity of some to the extent that they buy the thing. I’m saving you the trouble by saying nothing about books I consider unsuccessful or not worthwhile. But there is another reason I don’t mention these books, and that reason stems from a lesson I learned the very first time I gave a lecture about new media.

I’d been hired to teach a week-end seminar on color, design and web sites at California State University at Northridge (CSUN) in the mid 1990s. Early web design days. Start of the dot com boom. The color and design portions of the seminar went very well. The next portion of the lecture, however, was a disaster.