Part 3. . . and the Flash, iPad and mobile device saga continues

Authors who want to turn their books into basic text (and a couple of pictures) ePub eBook or iBook, electronic device deliverable formats don’t need to be concerned about all the browser and device content delivery wars currently taking place. But those of us writing on the cutting edge of new media must pay attention and participate.

Big announcement this week: Steve Jobs is opening his iPads and iPhone devices to third party compilers. To most people, this means he opened the door to Adobe’s Flash, but it’s important to note that Jobs locked out a lot of developers and companies – and new media authors! – when he first banned Flash via the banning of third party compilers. I’ve blogged about this previously because the impact of the corporate and political decisions falls directly on those of us who are trying to democratize the Internet, democratize the Arts and take control of our own creative work. Not just so we can control our income from it, but so that we can control what we create – not be dictated to by corporations with bottom lines to uphold and stakeholders to please.

Wired Magazine this month essays on the subject of the WEB being dead, and theorizes that the idea of a democratic Internet will go the way of the early demorratic electric grid, telephone system and TV. It was only a matter of timeĀ  time say Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff in their “The WEB is Dead, Long Live the Internet” article – until the WEB and all this democratization of content creation and delivery went the way of all the other technologies that started as radical ideas promising democratic system enhancement.

Well, read the article, and then I will get back to you in a couple of days. I have another article I want everyone to look at to, as fodder for this blog post series.


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