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Part 2: The iPAD iPhone Flash Adobe Apple Controversy – this new media author’s take: A Dangerous Retro Blacktop Paved Hole

Steve Jobs is claiming his iPhone and iPad to be the latest in tech, while intimating that Adobe’s interactive content creator, Flash, is something from the past to be discarded by any hip tech person. The opposite is true. The iPhone and iPad are not strong or fast enough to keep up with Flash. Further, content created by Flash would inhibit Job’s ability to control all iPad and iPhone content, including iBooks. And Jobs further made his Flash lock-out move, clearly, to break Flash’s stronghold on web video (Flash is the number 1 video streamer and has been for some time – because it works!) As Lily Tomlin’s comic character, Emily Ann, used to say: “And that’s the truth!”

A colleague of mine bought an iPad and expressed surprise that I did not already have one. “It does not run Flash,” I explained. My book cannot be read on it because my book is full of Flash animations and interactive elements like narration tracks. My colleague insisted that I was wrong. He thought the iPad ran Flash. Check again, I suggested. He did, and learned there is no Flash content on his iPad. That surprised him. Good for Jobs that so many lay people bought these devices not knowing what they were missing.