Book riffs coming soon!

I will be placing my new media book riffs in this category as soon as I get the entire blog set up. Today I added a gravatar picture. Okay, so I should probably be reading a book rather than playing my guitar, but it does go along with my theme of riffing – which is a musical term I used because that is what I am going to be doing here – improvising on books. Also I selected a custom theme from the WordPress rather that the default blue one. This allows me three columns, which I will need. I don’t much care for the blue text, but it will be a while before I learn how to really customize my look. For now we can work with this one. Next visit I will start adding media and my book riffs! Oh that RSS feed at the top right is not active yet, either, and the green is all wrong. If I knew this template designer, I would tell him/her not to mix blue green with olive green. (update note: I found the image file for the RSS feed icon 8-9-09 and changed the color to an olive that matches the template). Must teach tomorrow – back in a couple of days!

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