Hello world!

Welcome to Riffing On Books! I gave myself the goal today to set up this blog – I did it! Over the following days, I will get through the second half of my how-to book, change the theme, add categories, figure out how to add Flash and video, and begin to add content. This blog will host my new media riffs on books – not book reviews or stuffy book analysis, but new media pieces and essays that I am inspired to create by various books I read. I wanted to host it on my own domain, so that is taking me a little longer to set up than if I had just loaded it at one of the blog hosting sites. Hope to see you back here lots once I get going! – Terry

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. I like the interactive images. You are covering a lot of bases with books, food, locations – both sound like places I’d like to visit. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

    1. I had no idea when I began this literary blog that it would also become a reading journal – a life travelogue with books! I had already begun preparing new media book essays – riffs – but the blogging process itself is resulting in many new dimensions and ideas for me. Looks like I will alternate between my book journeys and my new media book essays in the future. I’m so glad you have joined me! – Terry

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